Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby its cold outside

Brr; the mornings are getting colder and colder these days. I need to remember to put a coat, scarf and mittens on before I leave the house. It's crazy but I can't get it all together most mornings and end up walking outside with one of the three.

I just love wearing mittens, it makes the day seem so much more fun. Life is serious enough as it is why do my accessories have to be?

How cute are these kate spade mittens?

I am pretty sure these Juicy Couture ones need to me part of my fall wardrobe

but these from target are more in my price range. Looks like I found how I am spending my lunch hour.

Some hot coco, a fire and some crafting tonight sounds like the perfect way to spend my evening.
  How about you?

Stay warm my lovely friends!


  1. Mmmm hot chocolate and cozy sofa sounds like a plan:) I love the yellow pair:) I am a mitten girl too:)

  2. I'll take some coco too and a film and a blanket and a couch and some sleep. :) Heaven!

  3. I love the high 5 gloves! So awesome!

  4. Oh I know it's getting so cold here too! I was thinking about pulling out the gloves too. I just adore those Hi 5 ones. Too precious :)

  5. HI 5? awesome!

    but i do like the ones you ended up with. :)

  6. Ah, leave it to Kate Spade to come up with those clever mittens!


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