Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Where ever you are be all there...

8:00 pm
Nursing Stella my 11 month old to sleep and sitting on the floor of Autumn my 2 1/2 year old's room trying to get her to bed

8:20 pm
Put Stella in her crib and tell Autumn I will be right back, she is okay with that.

8:45 pm 
Autumn tells me she doesn't want to sleep because I am going to leave, my heart breaks. 
She used to sleep well on her own and didn't need me to sit with her, we took the Binky away about 2 months ago and that changed. The adjustment hasn't been that easy, but after I realized that letting her cry isn't working for any of us it's been easier or at least less stressful and less fighting.

9:00 pm
"fancy tea, deserves a fancy cup" he says
Autumn finally fell asleep and in walks man hands aka Daddy. He is home from work. I shoe him out, don't you dare wake up the girl. 

He brought me home some fancy tea and was excited to make me a cup. It was so nice. 

9:30 pm
Stella wakes up. I nurse her back to sleep and put her back in her crib. 

9:45 pm
Stella wakes up, nurse put back in crib
Man hands and I finish watching our shows.

10:30 pm
Crawl into bed.

10:45 pm
Stella wakes up, I nurse her back to sleep and end up falling asleep myself. 

4:00 am
Man hands' alarms (he has two and I do not like them) start going off and I realize the girls have made a mommy sandwich. Stella is nursing and Autumn is pressed against my back. This is leaving hardly any room for a full grown man, so he is sleeping in the edge. Poor guy. This is how we sleep most nights...actually I normally end up at the foot of the bed nursing Stella and Autumn takes over my spot.

Autumn decides it's time for everyone to wake up. 
Someone please bring me coffee

5:20 am 
Man hands leaves for work, he waited for me to take a shower and brought the diaper bag out to my car for me. Bless him.

5:45 am 
Hair dried and somewhat dressed, I could change my outfit again but the girls are getting restless. Being up so early neither one is going to be happy for long. I decide we should get in the car fast and maybe get breakfast and gas. 

6:00 am 
The plan was a no go. Suzy the dog needed to pee and Autumn needed shoes and socks. Stella was ultra fussy and wanted to boob. She got her way and fell asleep. 

6:15 am
making tea
Now it's really time to start heading to car. 
Stella of course wakes up as soon as I pick her up (the poor girl has never been able to sleep good). I get her in the car and Autumn starts running back to the house screaming something about wanting a shirt. I have no idea why because for one she has a shirt on and two she picked it out. Toddlers.

6:25 am
Get my screaming toddler in the car and strapped up. No time for breakfast now but I do still need gas. She screams all the way there while taking off her shoes. 

6:35 am 
We arrive at daycare. No shoes, no socks, it's raining. Carry both girls in, thankfully Mrs. Kathy sees me and grabs Autumn from me. 

6:50 am
I finally leave after threats from Autumn about how she is going to go in the kitchen and throw a fit. 
I hate this, she wants me. She tells me. It's been like this for going on 2 months. I guess it just comes with the age, but that doesn't make it any easier. 
Time to head to the train station and get to work. My day is just beginning and I am exhausted already. Tonight when I pick them up from their grandparents house we will do the same thing all over again. Thankfully man hands doesn't work tomorrow so I don't have to take them to daycare. 

I know things won't be like this forever and I often take time to enjoy the stage of like we are in. It could be worse, it could be better, but this is my life and I love every crazy moment of it. (Even if I am exhausted and want to give up) 

Wherever you are be all there