Tuesday, May 25, 2010

its *almost* official

Man Hands (Al's new name) has finally set a date of when he is moving in...June 24th! that gives me a month to get my (soon our) place ready for him. Woo Hoo! i cant wait to shack up!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

if you really want to know...

Thank you { bugmiscellany } for this lovely idea!

just a few things about myself...

                                                                                   names i answer too..
1. Andie
2. Panda
3. Auntie (the most important one)

                                                                                                             smmer rain

3 of my favorite smells....
   1. summer rain
   2. man
   3. lavender

3 music artists i love right now...
   2. Imogen Heap
   3. Sugarland

3 places i want to visit....
1. The Greek Isles
2. Ireland
3. Tokyo

photo from this -> guy  

3 things i miss doing...
1. Riding harleys
 2. Smoking
3. playing poker   

3 things i wouldnt trade for the world....
1. Suzy and Zeta
2. Love
3. Being an Auntie

3 events im looking forward to...
1. Camping for the first time this year
2. my first craft fair (ish)
3. shacking up with Al


Monday, May 10, 2010

Craft time goofyness

Saturday morning Kelli and i went to a craft fair put on by etsyRain. We got up super early to get in line to make sure we were one of the 50 people that got a bag full of goodies! The weather was beautiful so we got pretty lucky and grabed some coffee and sat in the sun till 11 when the doors officially opened. We got our goodies that were filled with some great handmade items and coupons. I really liked my panda coin purse from Maluhia Designs. I also really liked some wine glasses that i plan on buying when Al moves in and i can afford to shop again *sigh*. I also got the oportunity to dress up as Bacon!!! Thanks to the what do bacon do booth.

It was a Great way to spend my saturday morning (even though i had to skip on breakfast with Al's family Mom's day breakfast) I am so excited for the punk rock Flea market that i will be selling my crafts in June. Gotta get busy!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy hour turns into Happy Night

i don't know what to say really so I'm just going to show how the night went in pictures....

Started With a beer sampler....so good

BLT on Rye.....More goodness

Raspberry beer for the beer hater (i bought the glass)
All while sitting next to a wall of dogs! How could this night go wrong?

this is how...Notice the shot of tequila (i brought a center piece to add some joy and color)

Then we went to a different place and it ended with Kosta knocking over my purse and when he went to go get it he noticed a tampon that fell out and said "I'm gonna let you pick that up" i just busted out laughing.
That was "happy hour" in a nutshell. We had a great night like we were 21 again and i think i will wait a while before repeating it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aqua Fit

This is how much fun the class was

When you think of water Aerobics you think old ladies and swim caps right? Well that's exactly what goes down at class...

I went to the gym to swim in the pool so i can get some form of exercise with my sprained ankle and class was about to start so i stayed for class. Talked to some awesome ladies that have bad knees and lost 100lbs, thats awesome and they were first timers as well. Then in walks our instructure and class is ready to begin...he informs us that he likes his music up loud so if you don't then go to the back of the class. We start off with jogging back and forth, back and forth and more back and forth. (all while listening to a techno remix of holler back girl) We do some leg things and spirit hands and twists and spirit hands and SMILE and hop and jog and spirit hands and SMILE....this goes on for about 25min. Finally we get to use these awesome water dumb bells that i have been looking at for weeks now! These were fun to use, made the water splash and gave some resistance while doing our twists and jumps. Then came on the techno version of the eye of the tiger and i was pumped! it was like if i had been tired i wanted to keep going and i was really tempted to interrupt class to ask him for a copy of his techno mix just for this amazing song. but i held it back and kept going. Finally class was over and i got the hell out of the pool... this part of class sucked and made me realize i am weak!

it was fun and i will do it again maybe just not go swimming before. My ankle was not happy with me after.