Monday, February 27, 2012

moments to remember

Becoming a mom and a wife in one year has been amazing. There are moments I don't want to forget and am afraid I am going to forget.

Holding Autumn for the first time I will never forget, but I don't want to forget how much I missed her when I wasn't holding her. For the longest time when I was away from her it felt like a part of me was missing...I don't want to forget how I felt alone and that no one understood how I felt except my husband. The three months I spent with her at home were wonderful and I never want to forget them. I was also getting ready for my wedding (here was only 11 weeks from her birth to our wedding date and I had things to make)That was tough but I managed...actually I decided holding my baby was more important than stressing over details to our wedding. I don't regret it. The day was perfect anyway. I got married to a wonderful man and that's what the day was for anyway.
That's a day I will never forget, knowing my husband arrived at the venue made me SO happy and seeing him in his tux drinking champagne with me before our ceremony is a moment I will never forget. I can't remember what we said to each other now but I remember I couldn't take my eyes off of him and I couldn't stop laughing and smiling.
Our photographer did an amazing job capturing the whole day so that we wont forget it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Produce love

In the beginning of the year I signed us up for organic produce delivery...I love that every week they send me a small box of stuff and I don't have to think about what I wanna buy. Sometimes we get strange things like celaric...but I look up how to cook it and we try something new. Man hands likes it too, although he doesn't like the mass grapefruit we have been getting but I do! I will just have to remember to go and swap that out next week.

We eat so much more healthy...yay!

It's day 6 of my green smoothie. So far the scale says -2lbs. Crossing my fingers the numbers keep dropping. The last few weeks they keep going up and down the same few lbs. Not cool!

Well its off for a busy weekend.