Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My mind is smoking

About a month ago i quit smoking for good!! yay me! Today was a pretty shitty day, nothing about it particularly was just blew. normally on a bad day i would want to smoke and just now realized i didn't even think about it. this is new to me cause every other day it would cross my mind from time to time. so sweet! i might be more occupied with Al quiting. i am trying to support him and feel for his pain. so i can only really be there when he needs me. he has locked himself in his room/house for the last few days and its really starting to take a toll on him. (I'm glad i wasn't that addicted) so anyway i have a tendency to babble on and i think i am doing that now. so yay no more smoking and i hope Al gets better. day 3 for him and the worst day i think. one more day and its all out out of his system.
i think i need a do yoga every night before bed or in the morning. i think i will do that, its easier for me to do it when i know my roommate wont walk in on me. i got some weight i need to loose before Al and i move in together....does that sound silly? i just want to be comfortable with my self and living with him. i know he loves me and doesn't care but i do and i want him to look at me like i am the most beautifulest thing in the room. a girl can wish cant she? so back to this challenge, tomorrow morning i will wake up at 5:30 do some yoga and get ready for work. that will also give me enough time to do my goes to my new challenge of feel good Panda!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i dont know why i started this blog. i guess to let it all out. nothing too exciting in my life, normal stuff.
i have a few things i am excited for so i will name them off....thats a start right?

  1. My up coming Valentines weekend getaway with the most wonderful man i could have ever imagined and he is all mine!! he wont tell me what we are doing or where we are going. its going to be wonderful just to be alone with him for the weekend.
  2. Moving in with the same wonderful man thats taking me away for the weekend. we decided to move in together come summer time. i cant wait to start a life with him. my Nana asked if he made a commitment to me last night. im not so worried about that part yet. we have taken things pretty slow and he is amazing and i am just happy to be with him and love him. marriage will come in time.
  3. taking my dog to training classes. she is such a good dog i just dont know what to do with her. i know that once we both get a little training together things will be good with us.
  4. taking my niece to the ballet for her 5th birthday
  5. Summer time and a skinnier body!!!

eh i think thats about it....see not too exciting.

i think this new year is going to bring amazing things in my life. i am truly blessed and am so greatful for everyone in my life.