Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My mind is smoking

About a month ago i quit smoking for good!! yay me! Today was a pretty shitty day, nothing about it particularly was just blew. normally on a bad day i would want to smoke and just now realized i didn't even think about it. this is new to me cause every other day it would cross my mind from time to time. so sweet! i might be more occupied with Al quiting. i am trying to support him and feel for his pain. so i can only really be there when he needs me. he has locked himself in his room/house for the last few days and its really starting to take a toll on him. (I'm glad i wasn't that addicted) so anyway i have a tendency to babble on and i think i am doing that now. so yay no more smoking and i hope Al gets better. day 3 for him and the worst day i think. one more day and its all out out of his system.
i think i need a do yoga every night before bed or in the morning. i think i will do that, its easier for me to do it when i know my roommate wont walk in on me. i got some weight i need to loose before Al and i move in together....does that sound silly? i just want to be comfortable with my self and living with him. i know he loves me and doesn't care but i do and i want him to look at me like i am the most beautifulest thing in the room. a girl can wish cant she? so back to this challenge, tomorrow morning i will wake up at 5:30 do some yoga and get ready for work. that will also give me enough time to do my goes to my new challenge of feel good Panda!


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