Monday, March 15, 2010

Valentines weekend.....

This is a little over due by a month but what ev....

So my weekend started off with Friday off to sleep. Then i went to pick up Ms. Olivia from her place and we took off to snoqualmi falls to get a green tea detoxifying body wrap. When we arrived at the cute little Salish lodge (right next to the falls) we checked in and they showed us to the dressing room. We then changed into our bathing suites and went to the soaking pools and steam rooms. they were nice, yeah it looked relaxing and you couldn't talk. The steam room was so load i couldn't relax and Olivia couldn't breath, after a while i found it to be refreshing after i got used to the loud noise of the steam. (Tip don't bring paper and pens into the room) then some woman came in looking for her missing husband. we left and went to the sauna and Olivia couldn't breath again so we went and sat down and i read the paper till our spa peeps came to get us.

She showed me to the room and said take off all your clothes and lay on this bed under the towel i will be back in a little bit. laying there feeling ALL kinds of naked she came in and started to put the body mask on me. This was nice only cause it was like a massage, it could have been better. after a little getting more comfortable it started to feel good and relaxing.....blah blah blah....put hot towels on me i showered, rubbed lotion and called it a day....after we payed Olivia and i went down stairs and eat some lunch. i had the special that was not very good but i eat it and took the rest home. the falls were closed so we got a picture from the view point at the top. that was disappointing. oh well life goes on.
so now i am all ready to get valentines day on Al's ass....Oh he just had surgery 4 days before this to remove a cyst from his that kinda put a damper in our plans but he said we are still going. He booked a hotel room at the clear water resort and casino with Champagne and body chocolate. i know i was all excited!! So we take off in the morning (I'm driving due to his condition) and we head out to the Tacoma narrows bridge.

On our way to the casino we stop in silver dale to have some lunch with Al's grandma and grandpa, they are fun to visit. We eat at the bowling ally they always go to and talk for a bit. grandpa jokes around with the buss boy and how he missed a spot on the table. Spending time with grandparents is something i miss. my grandpa died a year ago and i think i took the time i had with him for granted. love you papa.
after that we head out to poulsbo to get some baked goods for Al. we walked around till Al's bum was in pain and we got back in the car. we arrived at the casino and were just tired from the day so we took a nap in the most comfy bed ever! oh and we have a really nice view of the water and fire circle down below.
we woke up at about 5pm and went to get some dinner. i wanted to eat at the restaurant but Al wasn't that hungry so i settled for a sandwich and fries at the bar. then his aunt and uncle came to gamble and hang out with us...we spent the rest of the night gambling. i won and lost and won and lost and then got bored. then Al's old captain mark stopped in and had a drink with us (well me cause Al wasn't drinking cause he was on pain med) and we walked around and talked for a bit and did some more gambling. Al and i have quite smoking and all the smoke in the casino was starting to make my eyes burn so we called it a night and went to the room and fell asleep. yup No body chocolate no champagne...we took it all home so maybe sometime we can have some fun.
in the morning we took a shower and went to breakfast that came with our room....a BUFFET breakfast! there was so much breakfast food i didn't know what i wanted....i got some french onion soup and shrimp and a salad and some cheese was all OK. Then we gambled some more and went home. i dropped him off at home and came home and watched some of the daytona 500.
Over all i had a good time with Al....he put a lot of effort into the day and that's what counts. next year i think i will plan out a mini break for the two of us. It will not include time with anyone we know at all....but i still had a nice time.

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