Thursday, October 24, 2013

Recycled pumpkin craft

I wanted to share these cute little pumpkins fancy pants and her cousins made.
They were super easy to make here are the steps (sorry I don't have pictures of them, I will next time!)

1. Cut out each section of the egg carton.
2. Glue two sections together to form a ball. I used hot glue.
3. Have the kiddos paint them orange...or what ever color pumpkin they want.
4. Let dry
5. Have the kiddos pick out googly eyes and buttons and pipe cleaner stems.
6. Glue on the items...again I used hot glue. I'm sure the kiddos can use regular glue..just remember less is more.
7. Enjoy watching the kiddos play with their creations. (Mine ran around the house naming each one and making up personalities for them.

I did all the gluing and cutting but they still had a great time making them.