Wednesday, October 6, 2010

breakfast of sadness

This bacon popcorn looks really yummy; I am just having the regular kind with apples, OJ and some coffee. Its making me feel a bit better. Man hands and I are fighting, silly stuff really but it doesn't make for a happy morning. I don't want to back down and I am sure he wont either (we are both really stubborn) but I want to make it better.

How do you fight and make up? 


  1. Ohh I am sorry...Hope you both will resolve it very soon:)

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    Big hugs:)

  3. you and your bacon!! lol hope your day gets better.

  4. Ugh I hate that. Hope you guys will make up soon!

  5. thanks guys! i know we will make up later. for now still havent talked.

  6. :( :( Aww. Mum said something today which made me cry realllllllllllllly long. I cried in front of her though.. I landed up in her lap. My tip- screech your lungs out and cry and make up.

  7. bacon popcorn huh? I've never heard of this being eaten!
    Me and mark get in the stupidest fights ever and we also refuse to back down so we go days without's so ridiculous! haha! one of us eventually caves and says sorry - we can't stay away from eachother for that long! I think the longer we are married the more silly fights become when we know that we are just going to make up anyway :)

  8. I'm sorry you're having a rough morning. I try to remember not to say anything i'll regret later and keep my fighting "fair". That usually makes it easier to get over for both of us. Hope you feel better soon.


  9. you already know what i'm goign to say:




  10. Ah... we are fighting ALL THE TIME!!! But in the end if you love each other someone's gotta give in... :)
    Happy Weekend and good luck!

  11. Wow! The popcorn and bacon sounds so cool! I need to try this.
    I hope you both sort things out soon, me and my bf are exactly the same.
    We argue about the silliest of things. It is just a case of both walking away from the situation for a bit and doing crafting/playing a game and then coming back to see each other again for a kiss and make up. That usually works for us :)


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