Monday, October 4, 2010

Manic Monday

I have been so Busy lately; there has been no time to post. Please forgive me.

Quick update of this weekend (remember the wedding I was so nervous about going to) Well Sister and I made the cake and it turned out amazing! everyone loved it and even came back for seconds!! I was more working the whole time than being a guest but that's OK. If we want to start our own business then that's what I have to do, right? Also the ex, saw him and I don't know why I was so gross! I am so much happier with my life I ooze happiness. lol

Hope you had a great weekend! gotta get back to work.


  1. That cake really looks amazing and I am so happy that everyone loved it...Also that image of you both is soooo sweet:)
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Hey you! Good to see you back in blog-land!

    Cake looks totally amazing (v jealous as cannot bake anything apart from bread!)!

    Assume blue shirt = Man Hands? V nice!

    Angel x

  3. you should do a blog of all the cakes you have made so far, they are all so amazing!! beautiful job:)

  4. awesome cake, girl! you guys really are great at those! I bet you'll be a super success when you can finally do it as a biz :)

    exes are exes for a reason ;) glad you're happy now!

  5. Your cake looks great!! That's exciting that you want to start a business :)

  6. You made that stunningly gorgeous yummy-looking beautiful thing???? Can I adopt you? Will you be my new sibling? Anything? Holy cow!! I am impressed! and craving.. Business! Wow! Wowie wow!


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