Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Funday

So since man hands has moved in with me there is no avoiding watching football all the time; or any sports for that matter. Since its football season any and all Sunday activities will have to be put on hold till after the season. *sigh*

Today I will be going back to the Women’s Shelter to start crafts with the kids again. I am going to try something a little different and hope it works better. Instead of a small project once a week, we will be doing a bigger project that will take 2-3 days once a month. Today is the first day. I found an awesome paper-mâché pumpkin from Art projects for kids and thought it would be a good one to start with for fall.

So yesterday I made the sample and watched football with man hands and his BFF (they were going to make one also but couldn’t bring them selves to, MEN) I also had to collect plastic bags and a lot of them! So I had friends that don’t use reusable bags save them for me. I came home yesterday with a gazillion bags. HA HA. So tonight I will be hauling all the bags and my sample pumpkin to the shelter; can’t wait to see how they all look when we are finally finished on Wednesday. I will be sure to post pictures since I didn't get one of my sample.

Oh and BTW I am kicking some serious booty in my Fantasy Football league this week...who says you have to know that much about football. ha ha and as I was going through the Sunday paper I found this comic

HA HA it made me chuckle cause it's a perfect example of my favorite team last year and why I choose them the year before they won the Superbowl. So I clipped it out and placed it on the fridge...I need some more magnets, gotta look for some cute ones.

Happy Monday!
 Hope its a good one for you
an even better week!


  1. haha....i love that comic! it was nice having brunch with you yesterday:)

  2. :D :D Man Hands should read that!! I love the pumpkin!! Very pretty! :) Make sure you show us all the pumpkins together!

  3. that comic strip is sooo funny!! lol...

    follow if u like what u see?


  4. I inevitably have to watch football because of my husband too. Sometimes I don't mind it, but when it becomes an all day thing, I get really bored. I usually have to have a magazine/book around to entertain myself. Have fun crafting with the kids today!


  5. Hahah that comic is cool:)
    Its so wonderful that you are doing art projects with kids...That pumpkin will be a hit for sure!!! I would love to make one too:)
    Have fun,darling

  6. hahaha that's hilarious!

    i almost won fantasy football a few years ago, and we even did autodraft. i smoked my friends who traded and all that and i just let it all riiiide.

    i'll be cheering for you, Panda.

  7. My sympathy on the sports fanatic - I have one too.....he'll watch anything!

    At least you do something good with the time....I just blog!

    Angel x

  8. that is just awsome about you doing crafts there : ) CHEERS to you!!!!

    and that comic HAHAHAHHAHA luv it!

    happy tuesday!

  9. sigh. i hear you. sundays at my house are dedicated to football. :)

  10. i remember that comic strip! :D

    i hope you're having a great week!

    <3, Mimi


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