Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chips and salsa for breakfast...

Yes that's what I am having for breakfast, don't judge me. I went to the gym this morning so it's allowed right? Oh who am I kidding, I would have still eaten them if I didn't go. Sometimes I just can't wait till lunch; I am not the most patient of people at times.

A few things I can't wait for (unfortunately I have too) are...

1.) This weekend I am taking a secret getaway with Livi to Portland. We are going on a Distillery tour and then hitting the dance floor. Then Sunday on our way home we are going Zip Lining...eek! It's going to be so  much fun!!

2.) Oktoberfest in Leavenworth! Man Hands and I went last year with some friends and we had so much fun! This year I got a corset to go with my beer girl costume (man hands has the lederhosen) hopefully we will make it into the ACTUAL festival tents this year. What should we do first? {wine tasting, cheese tasting, giant pretzels, beer drinking, brats} This is going to become a tradition for me and it helps that man hands is German.

3.) Holiday craft bazaars! I have been working on some fall flowers and need to get on some winter ones too. I am also working on some wedding flowers as well. ooh they are so pretty, I can't wait to show it off when it's all finished.

(This is one of a few different ones I have been working on)


Happy First Day of Autumn! I hope you have something you are looking forward too!


  1. YAY!!! I cant wait for our trip!!!

  2. have the best weekend pans every...I love Oktoberfest:)....Its always soooo much fun:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  3. well giant pretzels for sure! That's so cute that you're gonna dress up for it!

    what was the craft news that you had for K & me? is it still in the works or something?

  4. That flower is so gorgeous! I love the fabric!

    Hopefully I'm going to get to some Oktoberfest celebrations here too, love it! :)

    PS. I've changed the url of my blog from BoringDaze and was just informed that my posts are not showing on peoples newsfeeds! If you fancy re-following, you can here! Thanks! :)

  5. Livi and you are gutsy girls! I really need to learn to have fun from you two!

  6. jealous of your distillery tour, how fun is that!

  7. is it still a 'secret getaway' if you post it on your blog, panda? :P

    loving your autumn stuffs. :D

  8. #1 sounds like so much fun! zip lining, yay! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. You're weekend sounds fantastic! I'm jealous...


  10. Oh I would so love to go on a distillery tour! How fun!!!

  11. 1) i want to go zip lining like whoa.
    2) the man hands pet name makes me giggle. i like.
    3) i went to an Oktoberfest last year with the fam, giant pretzels included- i tried so hard to convince boyfriend to dress up in a couples costumes of beer maid/man-tastic lederhosen shorts with me for halloween after that and failed. we settled for dressing up in random things from my closet and pumpkin carving instead (as you can actually see in my fall post :P )



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