Thursday, September 23, 2010


So last night we finished the pumpkins I mentioned on Monday. The kids did a GREAT job and had so much fun. It worked out a lot better to have the younger kids go first and the older kids second. Here is a few of them.

Now to come up with an October project...

Any Ideas?


  1. Hey Panda! When I was at school, we used to do leaf printing with the fallen leaves - it was soo much fun! You could try that - messy but fun.

    Jake's winning btw! Ha Ha! (still 6 dats to go tho so will try not to be too smug!). A x

  2. fun!! what about a pinata..since they'll want candy for halloween. paper mache covered with crepe paper or feathers

  3. yes, i was going to say leaf printing :) those pumpkins are so fun :)

  4. OMG...they look amazing:)Well done to you and the kids!
    As it would be a Halloween about a hunted castle from boxes and toilet rolls?
    They can use their imagination and decide how big or small that building should be:)

  5. That central big pumpkin is my favorite! You did such an amazing job with the kids! My heart melts at the thought of it!

    Craft ideas, me? How about going to the beach, collecting shells, etc and making presents out of it to hand to their parents for Christmas? (that'll be very early preparation, though very exciting!)

  6. HOW cute!!! love them! :) any art from KIDS is the BEST! oct....there is a cute craft with leaves you have them draw a portrait then use leaves for the hair ; )

    happy friday!


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