Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy (Friday) Thoughts

So instead of writing today's Happy Thoughts I spent WAY too much time dressing my pretend wedding party up on David's Bridal...I need help *shaking my head in shame*

But this was so much fun and it made me happy!

Also I started making some new Autumn flowers and that has made me happy this week and Last night my favorite show its always sunny in Philadelphia had its season 6 season Premiere so I stayed up to watch it...and it was amazing!

and a little blog hopping makes me very happy, hope you can join in!

What has made you happy this week?


  1. hahaha that first pic is pretty funny!

    happies part of this week...the arrival of friday! this one just seemed really long!

  2. I LOVE It's Always Sunny...too! I found you through the Blog Hop & I'm glad I stopped by! What an awesome blog you write!

  3. omg, i want to do that too! i think it's cool and fun! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. aww, i'm gonna try it. it seems really fun! Have a happy weekend.

    i am now your newest follower. come check out my blog. and follow me too? thank you:)


  5. I have my happy list up today! Right this second coffee is making me happy.

  6. hahahaha! i was wondering if you were going to post that. :P good job! it turned out very cute. ;)

  7. Who know, playing dress up on David's Bridal, I am so behind the times :(

    But what fun :)

    Love your banner, btw. :)

    What made me happy this week was talking to my Best Friend in Oz (we both grew up in England)

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  8. David's Bridal looks cool - might have a go later. Also going to try Bloghop - intriguing!

    Another great post - have a good sunday!


  9. Haha!!! The wedding ought to happen soon! Cute!!


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