Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what do i do??

Next week I plan on getting a new (and way over due) hair style at the Humanity Salons. They help the homeless by personally delivering a care package with every hair service. They also help other local charities and help low income women look their best for job interviews after getting back on their feet. What a great place!

So the only problem is what do I do with my hair?

This is about what it normally looks like after I get it cut...its pretty and all but I don't want it short anymore.

(Top and bottom pics via)

This would be amazing to have but its not gonna happen just yet, but the color would be lovely; I am definitely going to go with the color. (don't ya just love her bracelets)

Since I was in Jr High I have always loved hair like this and swore someday it would happen. I Just love how big it is!

(top and bottom via)

This is the look!
 Its the one...wonder if that can be done with my hair?

I know I also have to put in consideration to ACTUALLY doing my hair in the morning...


  1. you're going to have the cutest hair in this office. ;)

    ha ha, yea i never actually put the effort in anymore (canyatell?!). :P

    love the idea of that salon. i'd like a full report, mmkay?

  2. you will def get a full report with pics and names!

  3. Amazing how magazines always make it look so easy : ) I LOVE the Blonde BIG texas looking hair!!!! and the bottom hair style I think WOULD be GREAT!!!! (wonder how she gets it all wavy??)

    Hair Color was Pretty TOO!
    happy WEDNESDAY!!!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing about Humanity Salons. What a fabulous idea. I hope you get an awesome haircut there :)! Best wishes!!

    PS That color is definitely a thumbs up!

  5. Getting a hair cut/style is such a simplistic beauty ritual but so fun! Now...if only my hair could look as amazing as it does when I leave the salon do those stylist do it?!?!?

    Love that hair color :)


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