Thursday, August 12, 2010


I feel good dun na na na...Or how ever that goes. ha ha ha

ha ha i love this

5:30 this morning I went to the gym with my dear friend Livi! I even left the house while man hands was still brushing his teeth...just kissed his cheek good-by. (wonder what went through his head...I am normally  still sleeping when he leaves)

{actual pic of us 2 years ago when we were just friends}

This is so embarrassing to say and I hate myself for it but while I was getting ready for work, G.T.L went through my know from that awful show, Jersey Shores. I was doing laundry at the time and had already been to the


Soon all this extra weight will be off and I will have my smoking bod back...OK it was never smokin' but it was cute.

how is your morning going?


  1. You are amazing...5:30am gym time? wow...You are doing so well...I adore that guys look so sweet:)

    Hugs,sweetie and have a great day!

  2. it! its so nice out you can totally get a little tanning in tonight;)

  3. please. all the homies think you're smokin'. duh.

    good for you though: you're a better lady than i.

    ps - please don't ever mention jersey shore ever, ever again. :P

    pps - LOVE that cross-stitch!

  4. LOL! good to hear about early RISERS!!! ah yes working out in the morning is HARD at first...but gets easier! BEst of LUCK for your SMOKIN BOD! lol!!! I gotta start watchin that show husband sighs everytime i even try lol!! happy thursday!

  5. I can't make any promises i have already made a jersey shore tan on tania's pic and now this. i blame Al

  6. jersey shore rocks! :p I wish i had the motivation to get up and go to the gym in the morning..or at night..or in the afternoon *sigh*

  7. 5:30 am workout?? You go girl!! I could never do that. The bed is just so much more inviting ;-)


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