Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i've been caught

I am so embarrassed...

When I get bored I start to doodle and sometimes I start to scribble my name with man hands' last name and who looks over my desk and reads things when they walk by! Yup I was confronted and asked who's name I was practicing...those post its quickly got thrown out! Hahahaha

I know I am not the ONLY one...?


  1. That is actually sweet:)I cant remember if I've done it before...I bet I did:)

  2. lol...that is cute! You're so in love ;)

  3. hahahhaha that is so true : ) I did that all the time (sometimes at work i doodle hearts lol on meeting papers) THats To CUTE!!!

    HAPpy TUESDAY!!!!

  4. haha oops! when i was in HS i filled out an address thing at church but i made as my "future" and put me with my boyfriends name...stuck it in my bible, lost the bible...youth pastor found it - returned it to marks mom highlighting the card....it eventually returned to me when we were engaged. talk about embarassing!

  5. Awe Krystal that is so sweet!


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