Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bob Barker was a smart man

Monday morning I dropped Suzy off at the Vet to get spayed. The correct term as it was in the info packet they gave me is:
the surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries
(I should have gotten this done a year ago when she came to live with me, I already feel guilty about not having it done. Its a big deal to me.)
She was there all day and I left work early to go pick her up. I felt so bad that I abandoned her in a strange place all day and she was going to be in pain and groggy when she next saw me. So when I got to the place they finally bring her out and she wags her little tail as much as she could since she didn't feel good at all. I was glad she was happy to see me as much as I was to see her. I had to stop and get her a cone thing so she doesn't lick her wounds and while I was there they had costumes 75% off so of course I had to get the adorable lobster costume! (Go check it out at { bugmiscellany })
I can't help but think about how cute she is in the cone and all sleepy.....

I got her a new toy too, its a mummy dog.

Today she is feeling better and would go running if we let her. She still has to wear the cone and can only go for short potty walks. 10-14 days is gonna be forever for her, but she is going to be SO happy when I can finally take her to the dog park and not have to worry about baby Suzie's.

For low cost spay and neuter

Spade and neutered sound clip

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  1. Ohhh look at that cutie!
    I know the feeling...We fixed our dogs years ago and I felt so bad for leaving them too..Glad she is all good and I really love that mummy dog toy...I need to get it for my dogs:)


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  2. hahaha love the title of this post.

    poor little suzypants, but you did the right thing. i love 'mummypup.'

    is it weird that my kittens would totally play with that? they love toys that are bigger than themselves. :P

  3. Poor baby. When my puggle was neutered I saved a few of those little magic pills for a rainy day. I'm awful I know! I swear he never calms down. Well now he does that we got one crazier than him.

  4. Poor baby! Dogs our like our children. Thank for following my blog. Im now following back :)

  5. Wow!! You really love her! I love that toy and the cone looks adorable! Sending her hugs!!:D

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  7. Hi there! New follower here, hopped on over from Welcome Wednesday. Glad your puppy is doing good, and I love the mummy toy! Drop on by if you get the chance!


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  9. Aww, poor baby. Glad she's feeling better though!

  10. A mummy dog? hahaha the things they come up with these days. Poor thing, I hope she feels better soon.


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