Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Sister!

As I was saying here about getting my hair done. Well since sisters birthday is just a week from mine and she is so amazing,  she helped me when I sprained my ankle, she is my best friend and a great mother. She has been going to school so she can provide for her children and she commutes about 160 miles almost daily to do so. She brightens my day and I wanted her to feel as special as she is (or try at least) So I booked us a couple appointments to get our hair done. (didn't realize I have to say we want dye or they don't have time oops)



Later we will be enjoying some Sushi and drinks.
happy Birthday little Sister!


  1. I really like that! How sweet of you! That last picture looks very cute! Happy Birthday week, little sister to Panda!

  2. How sweet of you and I adore that photo:) Looks amazing!
    Happy Bday to your sister,sweetie
    Have a great long weekend:)

  3. awww what a great sister you are!!


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