Thursday, July 29, 2010

your making me blush

I'm speechless, not only did I just receive my first blog award from Little Grey Fox I also got another one from { bug miscellany }! Thank you so much ladies! Both of you have and continue to inspire me everyday to be more creative and I laugh more because of you.

I started my blog in January not really knowing why, I just wanted some where to put my thoughts and dreams and goals. As I got to reading other blogs I realized there is so many others doing the same thing and reading them all inspires me more and more to go out and get what I want out of my life and that I am OK with who I am and that's OK.

I'm gonna keep it short and simple...and the award goes too...

and this one goes too....

(sweet) symphanie

Pass them along or hold on to them
 either way thank you for sharing your wonderful selves and ideas with the world.

Thank you again!

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day!


  1. aww congrats to you! You deserve them :)

  2. Congrats,sweetie on your awards...Well done my dear!
    Thank you so much for the award...Yuppiee!!! Totally made my day:) So sweet of you:)

    Kisses,darling and see you soon:)

  3. Wow - thanks for the award!! It's great to be inspired. They are so many creative bloggers out there. What an honor really.


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