Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new friends

My grandfather (Papa) passed away right before Thanksgiving 2008. It was really hard on me to see him in the hospital and knowing it would be the last few moments I would ever spend with him and to say goodbye to someone you love so dearly. He loved birds and always had food out for them and houses. He gave me a music box with a humming bird on it a few years ago. So when I noticed humming birds flying in the trees in my back yard I was so excited. I made some sugar water food for a feeder and hung it on my deck hoping they would be attracted to it and eat, well they did! It makes me so happy to be sitting on my deck and watch the humming birds flutter around. (I named them Fredrick and Barbara)

I couldn't believe it stopped on the wire and hung out for a bit...we have a new friend for sure.


  1. That is fantastic....Those photos are so pretty:)...Hope you are having a wonderful day my lovely:)

    Kisses and see you soon:)
    Love your post...:)

  2. wow, great catch on these photos!! hummingbirds are the best!

  3. cuuute!!



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