Monday, July 19, 2010

getting settled in

This weekend was a busy one and turned out to be wonderful! After breaking down in a hormone induced fit I decided it wasn't worth the stress and crying to finish everything that night and I will then buy the cupcakes and finish the banner before the baby gets here in a couple months...

My Nana's 70th Birthday was a blast! It was so good to see my family and my cousin Catherine FINALLY got to meet Al.
After that we decided we were going to have a few friends over for a BBQ and board games. We went home and needed to clean and for the first time someone besides my sister helped me clean the whole house and i didn't have to tell him what to do. It was a breath of fresh air! I had time to string up some lights on our deck and a friend helped Al with the tiki torches his mom gave to us.

Sunday was softball and then Al and i came home and spent some time outside before true blood started at 9. So I tool some more pictures for my etsy shop and decide to take some pictures of the Ivy growing all over my yard. Its a pain to deal with but it sure is pretty.

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  1. That sounds wonderful:) Its always so good to have wonderful family weekends:)
    Kisses darling and enjoy your day:)


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