Thursday, July 22, 2010

dress shopping

Al's little brother is getting married September 4th 2010 and I desperately need to lose some lbs and find a dress to wear. Since Al is going to be in the wedding I would like something that will look just as nice as his suit...but its really hard. The colors of the wedding are purple so I would like to NOT match the bridesmaids but the Bride said purple is are a few dresses I have my eye on.

Grand Island Dress

Ruffle Cocktail Dress

Calvin Klein Denim-Style Dress

I think I'm either too dressy or not enough...

What do you think?


  1. i love the first one. the 2nd and 3rd might be too snug and not as comfy at a wedding (lots of sitting).

  2. you might be right...but i also plan on dancing through the night in a not so sober way...

  3. ooooh i haven't seen the green one before! i love it!!

  4. the grand island dress is my fav! i've had my eye on it for awhile :)


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