Monday, June 7, 2010

This weekend was my first show ever at the Punk Rock Flea Market. I am just getting started with my etsy shop and bloggin' and what not, so i don't have much to display, i think its a great start though.

Kelli and I on the left and Asa on the right. So happy the rain stayed away for the day.

this is it...i couldn't find my foam head so i improvised with a sculpture i made in high school art class.

The day was long and didn't sell anything (but to my wonderful sister) but I really had a good time sitting with KelliAsa and her man.  They all make the most wonderful things. (I can't wait to purchase my mirrors next month)

yay for craft days! They are truly making me happy!

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  1. it was a slow sales day for all of us (except greg)! sorry u didn't sell, but i sold $0 at my first one, too. So hopefully you'll sell tons next time!


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