Thursday, April 22, 2010

a painfull month

lets start at the beginning of what my mind will let me remember....from my walks everyday came rain (suprised?) and i stopped them cause i am not down with getting soaked. then the sun came out one day and Jenny, Suzy (Al tried to convince me that she wouldn't be able to go) and I went on a small hike....Tiger Mountains Poo poo Point. On top of it being ALL up hill i had a cough for about a week so my lungs were not in good shape and neither was my body. So about every 30ft we had to take a break but 2 Miles later we made it to the top and it felt GOOD. We ate some trail mix and enjoyed the view and watched a group of asian teens take pictures of eachother. it was a really nice day and we were ALL glad i made it to the top and still could laughed all the way up.
So as a result to this adventure i was sore for about 4 days...worth is?... Yes!

Along with spring comes softball and more sore legs. i love playing softball (even though i suck a whole lot of nothing) and i love being the captain more. the team Al and i put together this year is pretty awesome. we have a good time and we win. (well the 2 out of two games we have played)
Then it happened...we got our butts kicked and as i was going back to third base my ankle gave out and fell to the ground. their i sit with a sprained ankle and asked the ump if i could have someone run for me and he informs me I'm out. *sigh* so with the help of my fellas i hobble off the field. after a couple tears and people telling me how I'm gonna get home and how my Suzy is gonna get home, i get in my car with some ice. Krystal and i head to the hospital, then Krystal comes up with an amazing idea to stop at her cousins house for some "pain relievers" and let the good times roll! we arrive at valley medical center in Renton just in time to use someones wheel chair. oh lord i think i got stuck on everything possible! in the elevator i decided i was a RUH-TARD.

note: chick in the back didnt need the wheel chair as she started walking around after making me go around her.

While waiting in line to check in we notice everyone staring at our that moment i started cracking up because i realized we still had our "Snatches n Balls" softball uniforms on. So a few hours and an xray later they tell me its a bad sprain and i shouldn't go to work for a couple days and i will need crutches. And while i was sitting on my couch watching day time T.V. i made my crutches some funky decoration...let the crafting begin again! i have been inspired once again!
So as a result to my injury my friends and family get to help carry my stuff and i get to start crafting more! YAY.

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