Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventures with a 5 year old...

My niece Magnolia turned 5 on the 14th and i decided i would take her to see the sleeping beauty ballet....we would dress up and get cupcakes and have a good girly auntie niece time. Thats just what we did! little did i know i would have to remind her to be quiet every 5 min lol. she did really well though and THANK GOD for intermissions at every act. the end when cindarella and little red riding hood came out she loved adn when it was time to go get cupcakes she loved even more!
She is staying with me this week and yesterday i took her to the office. she had some fun and was bored the other times. we colored and had lunch and she talked to everyone and played with kids. at the end of the day we were both happy to go home and eat some pizza with Al and play games. she is so cute i cant believe she is 5 already. i love that i get to spend time with her this week. truly blessed as an auntie.

Al and i have been having the baby talks and i decided to go off the pill, just in case someday we decide to have one. that way my body is healthy and it will be that much easier to have one. he is happy about the decision, i am too. it feels natural with him, everything does really. i am so freaking happy being with him.

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