Monday, November 8, 2010

trying on dresses isn't has hard as painful thought it would be...

So one of my bridesmaids wanted to go look at some dresses I we went shopping. She even convinced me to try on wedding gowns. I really didn't want to till I lost some more weight but I figured what the heck and went looking. SO many dresses! I was pretty sure the first one i tried was the one...then I tried on a beautiful satin dress with a huge train...looks like I will be going back to try it on again.

So here are some bridesmaids dresses Jenny tried on....that was fun!

I also had her try some one just for fun....why not right?

I think the Yellow and Purple are the favorites so far. There are many more shopping trips to take.


  1. I vote for the yellow; it's really cute and isn't super bridesmaid-y can be worn again, not just on the wedding day.

  2. How fun..I really love the purple one...How exciting that you tried wedding dresses...Yay!
    Kisses my lovely

  3. Thats funny cause the yellow and purple are the ones we liked the best.

  4. i like the yellow! :) and looking forward to wedding dresses!

  5. Ooh I like the purple and the yellow, except that they're Husky colors ;)

    I think the yellow would look good with your venue. It's a summer wedding right?

  6. Its a October 1st wedding but our colors are not fall at all! Al picked them out...he actually picked all pastels and i had to say NO! lol. So we have a bright dark yellow and light yellow and a blue white and grey blue and darkish blue and pale pink.

    sounds strange but they look nice. its a total challange

  7. Yes, me too! Purple & yellow are my favourites. Get a dress with a train- they're so glam and it's the only time you can wear one (unless you go to the oscars every year).

  8. The second one! The second one! :-)


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