Thursday, October 21, 2010


Imagine being 5 again and not having a care in the world except what color to pick, but you can't pick so you chose them all.
My niece is the most creative child I know, she has long red hair and thinks everyone should have red hair (just like a red head). She drew me a tattoo last night...I'm in love with it.

it's a floating slug...yeah she rocks.
(I am also in love with the fact that my arm looks really good in this picture. I'm gonna have to keep on working them babies out.)

This made my week all better, it's been one of those weeks.


  1. that would be nice to feel for a little bit!

  2. really are an amazing little creatures, arent they? I love that she has red hair..I bet she is a sweetheart

  3. haha nice tat :) btw I like your new page layout!

  4. LOL love that pic kiddos are too funny!!!! and yes great arm lady LOL!

  5. That arm has made my arm feel bad!

  6. ooh, first, love your new header. second. that is just the most adorable slug tattoo ever! :) (and a pretty hot arm to boot!)

  7. maggie and rowan are the cutest!

    i know they were driving you b-a-n-a-n-a-s on friday, but when rowan popped into my meeting, just to check things out, it was HILarious! :P

  8. D'aww, that is too cute!


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