Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy (Friday) Thoughts

Thank Goodness its FRIDAY! this short week has been a tough one. HA! I am just finishing up my crafty challenge Tsuki of little gray fox is doing. I am not done but I will be submitting what I have and call it good.
Tomorrow is my 10 year High School Reunion...should be fun and I hope to see some faces I haven't seen in a while.

Today's Happy Thoughts come to you from the little things we do and her fill in the blank friday. If you would like to join in visit her blog; she has instructions there.

1. The strangest thing I've ever eaten is...hmm, I don't think I have actually eaten anything strange *thinking*thinking*thinking* nope, everything has been along the "normal" side of things. Dang I think I need to explore more.

2. I wouldn't be caught dead... stripping on stage, first I have no rhythm (as much as I would like to think I do) and second no way. I have a friend that did a burlesque show once; she is a costume designer. That would be fun but I just wouldn't be able to. Stage fright kept me from acting and I wanted to act so bad.

3. When I am 75 I wearing red lipstick and glamorous wigs pinching all my grand children's cheeks and serving them freshly baked cookies

4. If I had to be named after a place I would want to be named...Emerald after my very own city; Seattle.

5. My name is...Andrea; my mom really liked the name and Shevbion; after a character on some soap opera (I know right! but I like my middle name)

6. My all time favorite photo is...There are many pictures I love and many memories that I love even more, but if I have to chose one I guess it would have to be one that I took in High School of my friends Brian and Nick sitting in the back of my 1972 VW bug early one morning skipping class. They look SO young. We had a lot of fun driving around in my car. It was the first favorite picture I have of my own.

7. If I could afford it I around the world with my children (when I have them) so that they will get to experience things I never did. 
 have a fantastic weekend


  1. ooh I love that photo! Have fun at your reunion! I didn't go to my 10 or 15 but I might show up at my's soon!!!

  2. great post, Panda! (ps i think you eat weird shi* all the time, you crazy vegetarian. :P)

    can't wait for the glamorous wigs days...those are gonna be epic. ;)

  3. this is the first thing that made me smile all day! thank you and i love that pic of brian and nick too!!

  4. This is sooooo cute!! I love nos. 3, 5 & 6!! :) :)

  5. I love your description of being 75! So cute!

  6. i am so named after a soap opera too. days of our lives, to be exact!

  7. I love how you want to be 75 with red lipstick, so cute! I love your blog, I'm your newest follower, please follow me back @

    Thanks, Nicole Mariana

  8. Haha, I love #3! Hope you had a great time at your reunion!


  9. I love this and 7 are amazing...Love love love !!!!
    Kisses my lovely


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