Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coffee Break-ish

It's time for some coffee with Edward... (been way too long)

as he is noticing my pants fit me a little better cause I have lost 15 lbs! OK that's old news (kinda) but it's still exciting to me and even more exciting that I put on a pair of pants this morning and they fit me better!!

Have a Fantastic Wednesday!!


  1. well that is awesome!!! considering last night you thought your pants were too tight:) I think you are doing an awesome job:) yay for 15 lbs!

  2. Coffee with it!!
    Congrats on the weight loss......feeling good in your clothes is a great feeling!!!

  3. 15 lbs? That is great! Well done...
    Btw: hahaha...I love that photo...hahah:)

    Ps: Thanks so much for taking part in my GIVEAWAY!

  4. Can you even GUESS that I have been waiting for my pants to fit me since December last year??! Go you!!! That's awesome!! I'm gulping some coffee & trying not to get jealous!

  5. congrats panda!
    it's true -- vampires don't lie.

  6. Well I can't really agree with your taste in coffee partners but well done on the weight loss! you put me to shame!

    Angel x


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