Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy (Friday) Thoughts

Just a few things that make me happy at this moment...

 balloon has been passed to me from Kelli and she got it from Tsuki

Today is my 28th birthday, it is also 4 other people I knows birthday! Two of them are co-workers; it has been the funnest thing this morning to yell happy birthday to each other.

I got a TON of mail yesterday when I got home and not one was a bill! I ordered some octopus nylons from etsy; they came in. I got an adorable thank you card from the kids at the women's shelter I volunteer at, along with a wedding invite and some birthday cards. I love getting mail, its so lovely to know someone put time into their day sending something out to you. 


everyday this cute kid comes in with his Dad to drop off documents and he remembered my birthday and got me this yummy donut. How sweet is that kid!

Tonight I will be watching these amazing ladies kick some ass! Have you heard of the LFL? I went to a game last year and had a good time, they only play twice a year here in Seattle.

I can't seem to get enough of this song right now. It's so fun and makes me wanna hop around and sing. How cute is her make-up in this video?

What makes you happy today?


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Cant wait to help you celebrate!!

  2. What makes me happy is that its your Birthday today...Happy Birthday,sweetie...!!!!
    Have a wonderful day with many smiles and amazing gifts...Make sure to eat a lot of cake and dont forget to make a wish!


  3. Thank you Diana, you are so sweet. I will make sure I make a wish today :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Panda!

    HAHhahaha Edward's handwriting is much improved I see... :P

  5. Hey!!! Happpppy birthday!!! Hope your day is beautiful!!

  6. Aw... I hope you had an amazing birthday! Nothing better than receiving actual letters! :)

    P.S: I'm having the cutest jewelry/ accessory giveaway, come and check it out! :)

  7. Happy belated birthday! That donut looks like a perfect way to kick off celebrating!


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