Monday, August 23, 2010

crafty weekend

Happy Monday! My body is sore from working out this morning, I should stretch more...

So this weekend I decided to stay in and get some crafting done, its been WAY too long and I miss it so much. So with the wedding coming up in just a couple weeks it was a perfect time to start the two projects I volunteered myself to help with. The ceremony garland and the wedding favors.

Friday night I put together the Garland that will be hanging from the arbor where the Bride and Groom will be exchanging vows. The bride gave me a little of direction and set me free. I love LOVE that I got to do that.

and Saturday night I made the thank you notes for the favor boxes

I cant wait to get the boxes in so I can assemble and see the final product!

Also check out the Baby Seahawks Bunting I made for my friends baby.

Hope you all has a fantastic weekend
 and have a more fantastic(al) week!


  1. HOW cute! I love the thank you notes!!!! Ah to have craft time : ) What a great friend you are!!!cHEERS!

    weekend was good...ready for week! BRING IT ON! lol.

  2. you are, by far, the most talented panda i know! :P i LOOVE the way those 'thank you's turned out, and of course the bunting looks fantastic. :)

    you busy little crafter bee, you!

  3. You are so talented...Great job! I love them all...
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  4. You are so talented! Those thank you notes are gorgeous!


  5. thanks guys! i am really happy with them and love crafting!

  6. Those thank you notes are lovely!

  7. ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)



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