Thursday, August 5, 2010

awe how cute

In celebration of my friend about to give birth to her second child (tomorrow!), here are some way too cute baby items that I must have when its my turn at motherhood...

Market Bag
Whale Baby Blanket
Retro Trees Mobile

Baby Elephant

I think I could spend all day looking at baby items...I just keep finding more!

{don't worry Kelli my ovaries are not bursting yet}


  1. How cool:) Congrats to your friend:) How cute is that hat? awww so sweet

    Kisses darling and have a lovely afternoon:)

  2. I cannot stop staring at that last baby picture. Love it!

    Congratulations to your friend!

  3. what a cute hat! I like your blog.
    I'm writing a book and would like you to stop by my blog and leave an input,thanks!

  4. aw, how sweet! that tree mobile is awesome!!

    yer gonna have the coolest baby ever, panda.

  5. What an adorable blanket! And that elephant hat is SO sweet! I wish I'd known about these four years ago... Congrats to your friend!

  6. Oh, I love the whale baby blanket. And those adorable.


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