Friday, June 4, 2010

It was a short week and its been a good one (despite my re-sprained ankle and steroid induced headaches). So i wanted to share some things that make me happy...

Hope you enjoy your Friday

~Mystic Unicorn Horn~

Unicorns make me happy for so many reasons and to have one captured in a ring, yes please!

~The road leading home~

i heart the way the ivy crawls all over the railing and the walls on the bridge leading me to my "home sweet home"

~Picture Msg~

Nothing makes me happy more than to know my special someone is thinking about me while at work. I wish i was out whale watching and not sitting at a desk, but the pics give me a bit of an escape for a moment.

~Good Times~

ha ha. i saw this and made me crack up. Having and drink or two or three with a good friend(s) make me super happy! especially after a long-er-short week at work.

cheers to a great weekend!


  1. ha ha that ring is SO you! i like Al's photo too! (i mean 'man hands'!) :P
    i'd about a BILLION times rather be whale watching too, but i bet you could guess as much.

  2. That ring is so pretty! Beautiful photos:)


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