Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i heart camping

Man hands and I are camping for the holiday this weekend. Nothing big, just going to good friends of ours property out in Cle Elum. There is so much preparation before camping. Last holiday I re sprained my ankle so I must make sure to bring my boot and wraps (I will also get teased every time I walk out of their trailer). We went and got supplies that we don't have so we don't need to borrow anything and I have washed the sleeping bags. All we really need to do is pack our clothes and fill up the lies the problem. I have a Girl date with my dear friend Kelli on Thursday (the night before we leave) to see Eclipse and I am NOT going to cancel. So we got into a little argument about it. Last night when he came home, nothing was said about it (nothing was really said at all) So I guess we shall see what happens. I will try my hardest to get things packed and ready to go so we are not stressed for time and he doesn't do is all on his own. 
It will be a good weekend filled with laughs, friends, family, beer and fireworks.
I will miss the professional fireworks that I can see from my deck, and pray that no one will end up in urgent care (again) due to burns or *sigh* sprained ankles. I cant wait to show my niece and nephew how to make a sparkler heart and go floating down the Yakima river. I can already smell the camp fire and hear the laughter of slightly tipsy goofballs.

Have a safe and Happy 4th!

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  1. I hope that all will work itself out...I bet it will:) Have a wonderful time and let me know how was the movie...:)
    Kisses, sweetie and have a blast:)


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